InMarket Store Notifications - Check In!

On occasion you may be near a store and receive a push notification on your phone with the request to "check in".

You will see a notification on your mobile phone at the top of the phone app -

These check in opportunities are for iOS and Android and will require when the notification appears to click the link and follow the steps or requirements listed.

You may be asked to read or view an advertisement or web page of the store you are near. 

Sample of a Check In Display (Note this one requires action)

So in the example above -you have to interact with the Ad.

Crediting is for .05 cents per check in and usually credits to your account when successfully completed within 15-30 minutes and the offer name will be InMarket.

All credited is validated and issued by the provider.  If crediting did not occur this may be due to not completing the full check in process.

Check ins can occur several times a day or just at specific dates/times so it will not always be available at all times.



You must have the InboxDollars APP to be eligible and have GPS enabled and/or Bluetooth.