Members may be offered opportunities while in a retail location for a chance to earn .05 per completed task. 

This feature will only be available on Mobile Device in the ANDROID INBOXDOLLARS APP and the iOS INBOXDOLLARS SURVEY APP.  This feature is not available on mobile WEB.

The Mobile App will show if an opportunity is available with this icon located in the upper right of the screen.


If you see a "0" next to the bar code symbol this means no current scans are available.

Simply click the icon and  you will be provided with a list of retail locations where scan options are available to you.  


If a Member is seeing $0.00 listed than this means an update to the app for InboxDollars is required.

Once you select the retail location the app will provide the items needed to be scanned by you with your mobile device.

Note: Some items shown may not be available at your location/store.  This may be due to state laws or other reasons not determined or controlled by this feature. 

Select the item to scan by tapping the item shown.


Next, Scan the item




The app will show you when all items have been completed.  Crediting for the scan will occur in 30  min or less. 

Members will receive credit when authorized by the advertiser and no courtesy crediting is available should an error occur due to device error, scan error or other issue occurring outside of the control of InboxDollars.