Refer Friends & Family Error Message

Error messages are not fun! To help you sort it all out if you get one of these messages:

"Sorry, Cannot send a Refer-a-Friend notification to this E-Mail Address"

  • Sent to a member that already has an account with us
  • Sent to an address that has asked for their email address to be suppressed (put on our "Do Not Send list")
  • Sent to an address that has already been sent to within the last 24 hours.

"Please enter a valid email address"

The email was detected as not correctly entered or is from a domain that is not permitted on the site for signups.

You need to have the most recent (updated) Javascript enabled on your computer. Please refer to your web browser help section to enable Javascript on your computer.

Note: You can always email your referral URL directly to your friend, as opposed to using our Refer Friends tool.