Account Not Eligible For Referral Program

Members who are no longer eligible to be a participant in the new referral program will be notified on the account referral page.

The following reasons may result in the disabling of the referral feature:

  • Accounts being creating from the same network IP, computer, and or household
  • Account suspected of creating duplicate accounts for the purpose of earning referrals earnings
  • Violation of the terms & conditions


Member's blocked from future referrals will continue to earn on past referrals only in the event the referral accounts are not found to be in violation of the terms & conditions.

Members may not create more than one Account with InboxDollars®. In addition, we do not allow:

  1. More than one Account in the same Household
  2. More than one Account with the same Mailing Address
  3. More than one Account using the same Computer, device or IP

Members must provide a valid Email Address during registration in order to activate their InboxDollars® Account. Members must reside in the United States while using their InboxDollars® Account. Methods used to obscure or hide the country or location of a computer or device along with the use of a VPN, Private or Proxy IP to connect to InboxDollars® is prohibited. The country listed in your Member Profile must be the country you are both living in, and logging into your InboxDollars® Account from. In addition, any time Members provide information to us, any Service Platform, to any Advertisers as defined in Section V, or in response to any Cash Earning Activity, such information must be accurate and complete and be your own information and not the information of any other person


Members are required to follow the requirements set by the site and it’s advertisers and any attempt to violate the requirement of a cash earning activity or the site (invalid data, ad blocks, VPN/Proxy, using feature not as intended) may result in the closure of the account and ineligibility to any earnings on the account.


  • Prohibition of Fraudulent Activities

    InboxDollars® reserves the right to request additional information from Members to verify that all activities have been valid. The information may include, but is not limited to, a copy of the credit card statement that was used to complete the Cash Offer to verify the authenticity of the Member’s activities. In addition, Members must provide truthful, accurate, valid information provided to any survey provider, and false or inaccurate information is considered violation of terms. As a Member, you also agree that your use of the Sites and our features/channels shall not be fraudulent or deceptive, unlawful, as determined by our sole and absolute discretion or as reported by any of our advertisers. You shall also comply with all rules found throughout the Site and Support Center, including, without limitation, any guidelines posted on any of the features or channels as presented. InboxDollars® reserves the right to place any payment request on hold or remove, for any reason, if an Account is in violation of the terms.

    InboxDollars® reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate a Member‘s Account and cancel all Cash or other items posted to their Account and referrals, in addition to any other legal remedies, in the event a Member’s activity appears fraudulent.