I completed an offer and have not received credit, what can I do?

To have your activity tracked, please complete it through the link directly on InboxDollars.com, following all terms listed. We also recommend not using any third-party software that may block our system's ability to track an order and read the terms of the activity to ensure successful completion.

Be aware there are delays on offers; please do not submit a ticket before the full time has passed. 

1. Proof of Completion: If you subscribed to an offer (SoFi, Hulu, Chime, etc.), photo evidence is required to investigate. You must include a picture of your box, shipping label, and tracking information. We cannot accept a screenshot of these offers. For offers that require sign-up or download, please send the confirmation email you received when the offer was completed.*

2. Completion Date: This date must be exact and match your proof of completion.

3. Offer Walls: If you completed the offer through our third-party offer walls, we are unable to investigate due to not having insight into your activity with them. We do ask that you reach out to the direct offer wall company for assistance. If you do not receive a resolution within 10 business days, reply with the ticket number they gave you, and we will reach out on your behalf at that time.

This information does not guarantee credit will be provided. Our team will investigate once information is received, which may take 30 business days.

By providing this information up front in your ticket to us, we will be able to offer you a faster resolution. If you are unsure of which company placed the offer, please let us know. 

As a reminder, you can only complete an offer for credit once unless stated otherwise on the offer. For example, if you sign up for Gillette and cancel your account, you can not come back and sign up again for credit. 

When submitting a ticket for credit to your Daily List, the credit will be applied on the day your ticket is processed by our team. There is no guarantee we will process your ticket on the same day. 

*We reserve the right to request receipts and photo proof of completed offers before or after the awarding of credit to verify with the applicable provider that such completions are valid.

*Please note that there are times additional documentation may be requested on higher-paying offers. We are unable to accept a copy/paste of the confirmation. 

If you experience an issue with your Offer credit, the fastest and most efficient way to get help with the issue is to send in a ticket by finding your activity in the Visited section of your activity ledger. If you do not see your activity, please go to the “Need Help About a Recent Activity” section at the top of your ledger and click through to submit a ticket.

Click here to read all about how the activity ledger works, including the best place to send your ticket requests.