Playtime Rewards

Members can now earn rewards for downloading, installing and playing Game Apps!

The more you play the more you can earn!

The timer on the feature will tell you when you can earn again.

The feature is not intended to credit per minute of play but rather for game play as noted when eligible to play.

Playtime can be found on the Offers link



The First Time you play you will see this intro:



Click here to accept the terms:



In order for your rewards to work correctly, you must update your Android Phone settings to PERMIT



Click here and mark ALLOW




As noted, the feature will indicate when you are eligible to play and for how long or level required to earn next reward. 

The indicator of +9 cents in 1 min in this example shows that the member can earn by playing in 1 minute and reach the next level.  The indicator is not to be confused with +9 cents per every minute of play.




Once the app has been installed, played and then you will see it mark off here



Attempting to view or play on multiple devices is not eligible for crediting to occur.

All credits are as validated by the PlayTime advertiser.

If crediting did not occur, please check your permissions as noted above and game rules.