Search FAQ

Members who search on InboxDollars will earn progress on the progress bar towards their next scratch off card.


A qualified search is a search result that is done naturally, where you are seeking actual search results for the query you entered.

Additionally, any week where you search four or more days, you will receive a $0.05 search loyalty reward issued on the 4th  day of that week.  Example:  You search on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday your BONUS will be issued on FRIDAY (4th day). 


How does crediting work?
What is a Qualified Search?

A "qualified search" is one that's made by a real person seeking real search results. Repeat, variations of terms or fraudulent search attempts, including those made by robots, hackers and computer scripts, do not count as qualified searches.

Any earnings from unqualified or fraudulent searches will be deducted from your account, and any person, committing fraudulent search activity may be removed from InboxDollars.

Only searches made from the default search engine (Yahoo) are considered Cash Searches.
Rewards will not be earned when searching for:
• Images or videos
• "Search This Site" searches
• URL or website domains, including terms that end in .com, .org, .net, .edu, etc.
• Well-known websites, such as AOL, CNN, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, MySpace, etc.
• Stock quotes or word definitions
• Searches that contain a phrase that yield no search results or gibberish