AdBlock - How To Disable And Why

Members who have Adblock enabled on their Browser may not be able to receive credits/sweeps for searches -


AdBlock is an Internet browser extension that users can install to block and prevent advertisements from showing up on all websites. AdBlock is currently available in Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, and a few other browsers.

Disable AdBlock in your browser when you no longer want to use the extension for blocking advertisements.

When a member searches the site with qualified search terms the results page will load options for you to select from however, with AdBlock on this "blocks" some results from being visible which will prevent you from earning credits/sweeps for that search.


How To Disable Adblock on Firefox:

If you have adblock installed, it should appear on your Firefox toolbar. Click on ABP icon and Disable it.


How to Disable Adblock from CHROME:

Up top far right side click on the 3 little bars.
Click Tools
Click extensions
Remove the check mark from the adblock enabled box
Anytime you want to enable it, just go in and place a check
in the enabled box


How to Disable Adblock from IE:

Click the "Simple Adblock" logo located on the status bar at the bottom of Internet Explorer to display the Simple Adblock menu.

Click "Disable Simple Adblock" to disable all advertisement blocking. To disable ad blocking only on certain websites, navigate to the site on which you want to disable ad blocking.


 How to Disable Adblock from Safari:

From your Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Extensions tab. You can uninstall AdBlock from there.

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