How To Make Sure You Get Your PaidEmails®

To ensure delivery of our PaidEmail® messages to your email inbox, add the email address  and  to your address book, contact list, allow list or any other email delivery assurance technology your email provider offers.

Still Having Problems? If you have added our addresses to your address book, checked your spam and/or junk folder, and are still not receiving them, there may have been a recent problem with our Profile Survey.

Simply go to "My Account" and click on the "Update" link next to the Profile Survey. You will need to click through the entire survey using "Next Page" until you reach the end. This will clear any errors that are occurring with the Profile Survey.

Billy Notes:After updating your Profile Survey, it can take up to two days to receive PaidEmails® again. Please be sure to wait this amount of time after updating.

You can select how you receive your PaidEmails from your Profile Page (see example attached).  Simply select to receive them in your personal email box or just to your InboxDollars Virtual Mailbox.

Not receiving PaidEmails?

If your account is active and not receiving PaidEmails there may be a couple of reasons as to why this would occur.

First, it may be that you are not receiving PaidEmails® that are being sent. Please check your Spam or Junk folder 

Members will receive rewards as issued on the account and shown for confirming PaidEmails.

Second, it may be that we can no longer send PaidEmails® to accounts that do not participate in our club. Accounts that participate primarily or only through PaidEmails® for an extended period of time are not eligible to continue receiving advertisements via PaidEmail. If you are interested in participating, you can still find great offers/opportunities directly on