Availability Of Features

Members of InboxDollars can complete a variety of activities as shown on the account.  Not all features will be available to all members.

Members who have primarily earned by PaidEmails in the past but have not completed other activities on the site for an extended period of time may not be eligible for videos, or others. 

PaidEmails may also be reduced or removed based on past or current PaidEmail activity.

Members may access their account from 1 device at a time.  This means that you are not permitted to have more than 1 computer/device accessing the site/account at the same time. For example, you may not be logged in from your computer attempting surveys and logged into the account via your phone watching video Channel.   Accounts can be flagged for inappropriate use of site and it's features should this occur causing account closure.

A Members account that has been flagged for inappropriate use of certain features may have that feature removed due to advertiser requirements. This can include videos, and surveys.

InboxDollars® has established relationships with advertisers and partners (collectively, “Advertisers”) to provide Members with a variety of ways to earn cash (“Cash Earning Activities” or “Offers”).

Cash Earning Activities are made available to Members based on a variety of factors, including demographic information, physical location, and participation level with InboxDollars® as well as what is available for that individual or their demographic information.

InboxDollars® and our Advertisers make no guarantees regarding the number or dollar amount of Cash Earning Activities that will be available to Members at any time.