Scratch & Win - How to Earn!

Scratch & Win - How to Earn! 


InboxDollars Members can earn extra Cash Back & even bonuses with Scratch & Win!

Members can work towards filling the progress meter as shown below by completing a variety of earning activities. Each of the levels completed unlocks a new scratch card giving the member a chance at a bigger prize.




Members can fill their progress meter to the first $ marker which opens up the first scratch off, "WIN up to $10", for a chance to win OR members continue on for a chance to win a larger prize on the next level up at the $$ marker.

Note: The progress bar fills at random amounts for activities you do on the site.The amount of activity required in order to progress can change.

If a member selects to scratch off the 1st scratch card, by tapping “Scratch Now”,  the progress bar will start over and progress from there. 

Scratch off 3 of the same amounts on any card (either 3 matching “$” tiles or 3 matching “B” tiles) and you will win the amount shown on the 3 matching tiles. Members can win Cash Back prizes or randomly qualify for prizes in the form of a bonus, as shown with the “B” tiles. If issued a bonus through Scratch & Win, members can find details relating to their bonuses here. Please note that not every scratch guarantees a win. This will be clarified as a “No Win”. 



Once you click “Scratch Now” and either begin to scratch or do not start to scratch, we will process the Scratch off card for you to avoid a time-out issue. If your scratch resulted in a Cash Back prize, the amount can be found in your Account Ledger.

If you do not scratch off the 1st or 2nd card, the progress bar will continue to the 3rd Scratch off and will not continue until that 3rd and Final Card is scratched. You will not lose progress if you close or log out before scratching a card.

Accounts that earn a Cash Back prize upon completion of the scratch card usually will see this earning applied to the account balance within 5 minutes. Cash Back prizes won through Scratch & Win will show up as “Bonus Cash” Activity with “Scratch & Win” as the description:



Activities that can earn you progress on the Scratch & Win Progress Bar are:

  • Winits
  • Attempt Surveys
  • Learn & Earn
  • Search
  • Play Free Games
  • Other features as determined
  • Confirm PaidEmails * For accounts created after APRIL 19, 2018

Pending Credits will be applied 24 hours after earning.