Popup Blockers

The browsers have these cool feature called a 'Pop Up Blocker' however if your Pop Up Blocker for InboxDollars is turned off it might not allow all the fun and necessary aspects of our site to run properly for you.

Pop-up blockers allow you to control what happens as you travel the web and prevent sites from filling your desktop with pop-up windows you do not want or need. Now all modern browsers have pop-up blockers.

Our site may use pop-ups to provide more detail about a product or options for you, the Member to open them to take full advantage of the data or activity we may make available.

NOTE: It is not recommend to permanently turn off your pop-up blocker. This can leave you vulnerable to any number of malicious programs. Simply add InboxDollars to the "white list" of sites for which your browser will always allow pop-ups.

It's best to allow Pop ups from our site and you can disable the block feature from your browser settings.