Accounts With Limited Activities

Inboxdollars offers a variety of cash-earning activities on the site from our advertisers.  When an account has been primarily completing only PaidEmails for an extended period of time without completing other cash-earning activities this can affect what future cash-earning activities are made available to the account.

While we do offer a small reward for confirming PaidEmails®, the purpose of PaidEmails® is to inform you of all the new and exciting Cash Offers, Games opportunities, and other exciting new opportunities on our site.

For Members to continue to receive PaidEmails and to also have access to Videos, and  Learn & Earn it's important to note that you need to be consistently participating in our Cash Offers and/or other earning opportunities as available on the site.

Members who do not consistently participate in our other opportunities may experience a diminished number of PaidEmails®, or become unable to receive them entirely.

Since the way each Member participates is different, it is difficult for us to tell you exactly how many opportunities to complete to continue receiving PaidEmails®, but remember that PaidEmails® are not meant to be your primary way of earning.

Accounts found to be completing only PaidEmails and/or Search may have the following access removed from their account until other cash-earning activities are completed over an extended period of time:

  • Videos
  • PaidEmails: reduced to 1 per week or removed
  • Learn & Earn

So, a good rule of thumb is that if you are confirming significantly more PaidEmails® than the number of opportunities you actually participate in, or only search you may need to participate more.If your account primarily does Search and/or just PaidEmails then the features as listed above may be removed.


InboxDollars® has established relationships with advertisers and partners (collectively, “Advertisers”) to provide Members with a variety of ways to earn cash (“Cash Earning Activities” or “Offers”). Cash Earning Activities are made available to Members based on a variety of factors, including demographic information, physical location, and participation level with InboxDollars®. InboxDollars® and our Advertisers make no guarantees regarding the number or dollar amount of Cash Earning Activities that will be available to Members at any time.