Who Can Join InboxDollars®?

We welcome all individuals living within the United States (50 States).  

Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to join.

  1. Valid Information. Consent to Receive Communications.

    Members must be living individuals, and not corporations or any other type of entity. Members must provide a valid Email Address during registration in order to activate their InboxDollars® Account. Members must reside in the United States while using their InboxDollars® Account. Methods used to obscure or hide the country or location of a computer or device along with the use of a VPN, Private or Proxy IP to connect to InboxDollars® is prohibited. The country listed in your Member Profile must be the country you are both living in, and logging into your InboxDollars® Account from. In addition, any time Members provide information to us, any Service Platform, to any Advertisers as defined in Section V, or in response to any Cash Earning Activity, such information must be accurate and complete and be your own information and not the information of any other person. This includes, but is not limited to, the registration process, Profile Surveys, and any other place where information is requested. You agree that InboxDollars®, our Advertisers, or any of our third party vendors or agents may contact you through any email or other contact information provided by you, specifically including but not limited to traditional mail, text, mobile telephone number, traditional / land telephone number, fax, social media Account, any messaging / communication service, app, or tool including “push” notifications or similar. You understand and agree that depending upon your individual arrangement with your telecommunication provider(s), receiving such communications may use data from your data allowance and/or may result in fees owing by you to your telecommunications provider.

  2. Comply with Laws

    Members must comply with all applicable laws and regulations as they relate to the use of any Service Platform or relations with us.

  3. Duplicate Accounts

    Members may not create more than one Account with InboxDollars®. In addition, we do not allow:

    1. More than one Account in the same Household
    2. More than one Account with the same Mailing Address
    3. More than one Account using the same Computer, device or IP
  4. Activation / Signup

    To qualify for any eligible Activation or Signup Bonus, Members must sign up and activate their Account as noted. The bonus type or amount offered for sign up/activation and requirements may change at any time.

  5. Account Cancellation

    Members may cancel their Account anytime by clicking the “Cancel Account” link on the “My Account” page. If a Member cancels their Account, they will also be deemed to cancel all Cash in their Account and loss of all assigned referrals. In addition, any requested or pending payments for that Member are removed and canceled. Uninstalling an app will not cancel your Account. You must select the “Cancel Account” link as described above if you wish to cancel your Account or use the Unsubscribe link from any PaidEmail and then selecting Cancel. For security reasons, InboxDollars® reserves the right to retain Member Profile information after Cancellation for the purposes of assisting former Members, fraud prevention and other functions pertaining to the operation of InboxDollars®.

    For security reasons, InboxDollars® reserves the right to retain Member Profile information after Cancellation for the purposes of assisting former Members, fraud prevention and other functions pertaining to the operation of InboxDollars®.

  6. Password and Account Security

    In connection with your Account, you will create a Password. You are responsible for keeping your Password confidential and secure, and you are responsible for all actions taken using your Password. InboxDollars® is not liable for loss of earnings due to theft from outside sources to your Member Account due to email/password used by anyone other than the Member.

  7. Hardware, Connectivity and Software Requirements

    You are responsible for obtaining your own computer, smartphone, tablet, or other computing device, as well as related telecommunication services, as necessary to access the Service Platform(s), as well as all related costs and expenses. From time to time InboxDollars® may require that you update or install a new version of our app or Service Platform, and/or install updated or new third party software (such as an operating system) in order to access or take advantage of all the features and functionalities of the Service Platform. It is your choice whether to take such actions. InboxDollars® is not responsible for, and makes no representation or warranty regarding, any such third party hardware, software, and/or telecommunications services, whether such items are appropriate for or may damage your property, or for or your business relationship with such third parties.

  8. Age

    To create an Account, to be eligible to post Cash, receive cash or to otherwise use any Service Platform, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old or the age of majority in your state or province of residence, whichever is greater. By accessing any Service Platform, you indicate that you are eligible for Membership. InboxDollars® assumes no financial or legal responsibility for actions completed through misrepresentation of age by a Member or Members.

  9. Current and Accurate Contact Information, Timely Check Cashing

    Members are responsible for maintaining accurate and complete contact information and promptly updating such information if they move, their contact information otherwise changes, or if a Member has difficulty receiving emails from InboxDollars® at the email address provided. If a payment that is processed for a Member is returned to us for any reason, including our being provided with inaccurate or outdated contact information, we will cancel such payment and credit the balance to Cash in the Member's Account. Further, if final payment on our check payable to a Member does not occur for any reason within ninety (90) days from the date of the check, then the check is void and canceled, and we will credit the amount of the check to Member's Account. InboxDollars® is not liable for payments released per Member request to outside vendors for the purpose of payment request made by the Member. The Member must address any inquiries on a payment issued by a third party directly with the payment vendor.

    Once payment has been processed, InboxDollars® assumes no responsibility for the Members eligibility to cash, deposit or otherwise redeem said payment. Members requesting payment involving outside resources are responsible to secure such method or facility to redeem directly.

  10. Delivery Location

    Members are responsible for selecting a secure and reliable mail delivery address for their payments and other communications. We are not responsible for any stolen or lost payments and will not replace payments allegedly cashed improperly by third parties so long as such payment was sent to the mailing or email address as indicated in Member Account at the time such payment was processed. If the Member household mailbox or electronic format (Wi-Fi, mobile device, computer) to receive is not secure, we recommend Members obtain a secure post office box or secure computer access means at the Member’s expense.

  11. Code of Conduct

    By agreeing to these Terms, you are agreeing that you will also follow these rules: (1) Do not publicly display or use the Site /features to share inappropriate content or material including but not limited to: nudity, pornography, graphic violence, use harassing, profane or hate comments to employees of site and/or its Members. This includes the site and all forms of social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media). Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of Account and earnings. (2) You are responsible for all usage on your Account, whether or not authorized including your login, password and Account information. (3)Members are required to follow the requirements set by the site and it’s advertisers and any attempt to violate the requirement of a cash earning activity or the site (invalid data, ad blocks, VPN/Proxy, using feature not as intended) may result in the closure of the account and ineligibility to any earnings on the account.