Mobile App Crediting

Possible reasons for not receiving credit to your account:

    • If you did not fulfill or meet all of the requirements necessary to be awarded.
    • If you completed the offer through another source before (this includes prior downloads or visits to that app from your device or other device)
    • Please make sure you completed the offer through InboxDollars® only.
    • Past downloads will prevent you from receiving new credit.
    • Sometimes it takes a bit more time for us to get a response from our advertisers and it is not uncommon for crediting to take up to 14 days from the date the requirement of the app was met unless otherwise noted.
    • Your browser security settings are configured to not accept third-party cookies, causing the crediting report to fail to credit to your account.  InboxDollars is not responsible for crediting if settings are not set to allow cookie tracking.
    • Software on your computer/device is hijacking the cookies and crediting the offer completion to another company.
    • If you have ad blocking software it will prevent advertisers from placing the cookies required to track the offers and will result in no crediting applied.

If you have not been credited for an app download this means that the app provider has not approved your account for crediting to occur.  InboxDollars credits members as soon as the credit is reported and courtesy credit may not be available for some apps. InboxDollars is only able to offer credits to members when validated by the app provider. 

If crediting was not applied then the app was not approved by the advertiser for crediting.