Refer Friends Program

Refer Friends Program (Effective Sept 24, 2018)

Promotions on this feature can occur and can change based on the time frame listed on the promotion. A referral is considered qualified as long as the referral activates the account after Signup and meets the requirements per the terms & conditions. Activation after the promotion dates will result in the standard Referral Program terms. To be eligible, the referral must create an account, activate the account, and earn a minimum of $7.00 or more.



How it Works 


1-5 Referrals: For each new sign up and activation the referrer will earn $1.00 for each referral once your referral has earned a total amount of $7.00 or more on their account. Crediting will occur within 24 hours of the $7.00 or more earned.


Referrers earn up to a maximum of $5.00 (5 referrals at $1.00 per referral) PLUS 30% of qualified earnings! (Excludes: Bonus Activities, Bonus Credits,  Courtesy Credits, Sign Up Bonus, Profile Surveys, and new member account set-up crediting)


*NOTE: InboxDollars only permits 1 account per person. Duplicate accounts will be closed and earnings will be forfeited.


6 or More Referrals: You will be eligible to earn 30% of your referral's qualified activity earnings completed (Excludes: Bonus Activities, Bonus Credits,  Sign Up Bonus, Profile Surveys and new member account set-up crediting)

In Addition:

Members can earn 30%* of their NEW referrals earnings as well as from prior referrals
There is no earnings cap for how much you can earn from your referrals.

You must be logged in to InboxDollars to send referrals. There will be an error that says this if you attempt to send referrals without being logged in.


Note: Accounts found to be in violation of the terms in regards to the referral program may have their account terminated and/or disabled from the referral program.



Accounts found to be violating the terms & conditions will be removed and earnings lost. Members must read and follow all terms & conditions to be eligible.

  • This set flat earnings percentage amount can change and members will be notified of the change at the first opportunity.

Using your referral link to send traffic from paid search ads, domain redirects, contextual tiles, pop unders, link injections, or other direct traffic link manipulations is expressly prohibited