Discontinuing Checks on InboxDollars

Starting August 17, 2021, InboxDollars will no longer offer rewards via Checks. If you were planning to redeem a Check reward, you should plan to redeem before this date.


When is the last time I can redeem a check reward?

If you request a check redemption before 12:00 am PDT on August 17, 2021, your check redemption will be processed, even if the check is processed and/or mailed after this date. We recommend that you request a check as soon as possible to guarantee you receive your reward.


How much do I need in my InboxDollars account to request a check?

You need $30 in your account, not including Pending earnings, to redeem via the Check option.


What options are available instead of Checks?

InboxDollars offers dozens of great ways to get rewarded. From Visa Prepaid cards to PayPal to a wide variety of gift card options, you can turn your earnings into cash to pay for groceries, pay rent, dine out at restaurants, and more.


I like adding my InboxDollars rewards to my bank account. What can I do now that Checks are no longer available?

As an alternative to Check rewards, you can redeem via PayPal and transfer your PayPal funds to your bank account. This is the option we recommend for members seeking a bank account option on InboxDollars.


What happens if I haven’t received my last check after August 17, 2021?

Please contact Customer Support if you have not received it within 14 days of notification that your Check is on the way (in the mail).


Can I deposit/cash a check after August 17, 2021?

Yes. You can deposit your check up to 90 days after the Check Date printed on your check. If a check is past 90 days, please let us know and we can assist you with a new payment option.


What if I have other questions about Checks?

Please contact Customer Support if you have other questions about Checks.