InboxDollars Mobile App (Android) Videos

InboxDollars is launching a new Video experience on the Mobile Android InboxDollars App!  This feature will not yet be available to all members as we are currently in Beta Testing mode. This feature is available only on the InboxDollars ANDROID app.  Not yet available for mobile web or iOS users.

We hope to have it live to 100% of all members soon!

Click VIDEOS on the App browser

Next click the GET STARTED link

You will need to view videos and articles, rate the content to earn the amount as shown. 

Video content is determined by the advertiser. 

You will need to watch the video or content until the timer at the top of the screen goes to 00:00. 

Rate the Video - 

To be sure your content is fully loaded - check the "Yellow" progress bar

Once the video / content is completed you will then rate what you viewed

The progress bar will show you how much content or video viewing is required to earn.

Once you have watched all videos/content required you will be notified of credit.

Video credits are issued within 1 hour or less to your earned credits.

Crediting will be applied for valid and fully completed views only.  Courtesy crediting is not available on Video.