Survey FAQ


We strive hard to make sure there are plenty of surveys for you to take, and you can come back for a new surveys every day.

Honest answers to survey and profile questions are vital to the integrity of the research process. We, and our clients, depend on factual information in order to make decisions about products, services and advertising — decisions that affect consumers like you.

Please take your time and provide thoughtful and honest answers to profile and survey questions.

Providing inaccurate or dishonest information or “speeding through surveys” may limit your eligibility (qualification) to participate in future surveys.

After you have clicked the "Cash Surveys" button you will be taken to a standard qualification page. All InboxDollars members must qualify before continuing.

Based on your answers, the system will attempt to match you to an available survey. InboxDollars does not determine which surveys are given, and we also do not determine what the qualifications for each survey are.

Surveys are provided by the survey providers (Advertisers) directly and are independent of InboxDollars.

InboxDollars does not create, manage, or disqualify surveys.  InboxDollars does not set the qualification requirements for surveys and this is all managed by the survey provider directly.

Member accounts can have the survey feature suspended due to violations as reported by the survey providers or via tracking of invalid use of the surveys and/or feature. 

Once an account is flagged for inappropriate attempts to complete surveys the account may be closed or the feature removed.  Once a feature has been removed for violation, it cannot be restored.