Improve Qualifaction For Surveys!

InboxDollars works with many survey providers and each survey we provide our members with come directly from the survey providers/advertisers.

Each survey has qualifications that are needing to be met in order for crediting to occur. 

One way to help ensure the the closest survey match possible is available for you is to make sure you have your General Profile, Household, Interest and Qualification surveys completed and up to date!

Our newest Survey Provider - Fulcrum offers some surveys up to $5.00 for our members and it is required that you complete the SV_11288233 aka Pre-Qualification Survey in order to begin to receive these survey notifications.

Once you fully complete the pre-qualification survey you will begin to see more frequent matched survey opportunities available based on your profile information for an even greater chance to complete the survey for more cash earnings!

Survey inventory can be affected due to high volume demand on a survey so it's not unlikely at times to see a "Sorry you are not a match" or "Sorry, you did not qualify for this survey".   This could mean that the demographics that match or closely match you are already completed by other members meeting that same demographic so the survey does not need more responses from that demographic. 

Whenever your survey is disqualified please note that the survey information you provided is discarded.  They do not get the information you provided if you do not get credit for the survey.

Billy Note:  InboxDollars is independent of the surveys provided on our site.  These are supplied by the Survey providers (Advertisers) and require full completion for crediting to occur.  Partial completion or errors due to connectivity issues are not eligible for crediting.