I Received A Notification About PaidEmails®

Notification to Participate Email:

If you received a notification email reminding you of our PaidEmail policy that activity on the site is required in order to continue to receive PaidEmails then this means that you have been doing the majority of your activities on InboxDollars in the way of just reading PaidEmails. Members will receive a reward for each confirmed PaidEmail as shown on account.

We do not expect members to have an interest in every opportunity we send, but members can be notified that they will have their PaidEmails reduced or stopped altogether if no other activity is conducted on the site.

Example of a notification to participate is attached for view.

PaidEmail Preference:

You may receive a notification to select the option of receiving your PaidEmails to your personal email (Yahoo,Gmail, Hotmail, etc) or to select the option to only have them available in your InboxDollars Virtual Email box. 

Members who primarily only view their PaidEmails from their InboxDollars Virtual Mailbox may receive this message and your preference can be updated from your Member Profile Page.

Example of notification of PaidEmail preference is attached for view.