I Didn't Receive My Check


If you requested a payment via check and haven't received it then please check your payment processing date located on your Account Activity page and if it has been over 30 days you can contact a LiveChat agent for assistance. 

Before contacting LiveChat or submitting a ticket, please make sure that the address listed on your account is accurate and up to date. 

When contacting LiveChat Agent they will review your account and if necessary escalate your inquiry to our Accounting team to review and assist further.

Checks are mailed U.S. Postal Service so please allow at least 7-10 days for mailing & processing by the US Postal service.  Please note that weather, holidays, and postal service issues can delay the delivery. 

If it has been more than 30 days and your check has not yet been received. We will review and if necessary, refund the amount back to your account and you can either select a new check as a payment option or select Gift card. 

There is no charge for processing a replacement check after 4 weeks from date of issue when a correct address is used on the members account.

If a member does not have the appropriate address listed on their account at the time payment request is made and payment is processed then mailed to that address listed on the account there is a $10.00 replacement fee for a check to be reprocessed and mailed.