Use Of Information

  1. Use of Information

    User information is used by InboxDollars® in all of the following ways:

    1. E-Mail Address is used to send paid email advertisements and important announcements about InboxDollars® to User
    2. All contact or similar information regarding you may be used to communicate to you as well as to track and record your activity, including but not limited to email, traditional mail, text, mobile telephone number, traditional / land telephone number, fax, social media account, any messaging / communication service, app, or tool including “push” notifications or similar. You understand and agree that, depending upon your individual arrangement with your telecommunication provider(s), receiving such communications may use data from your data-allowance and/or may result in fees owing by you to your telecommunications provider.
    3. Mailing Address is used to send payments earned by User or otherwise communicate with User
    4. Demographic information is used to target advertisements to User
    5. Username, E-Mail Address, and Password are used for User protection to restrict access to their account
    6. User information may be sold or disclosed to third parties as described in Sections II.2 and III below
    7. Cookies and Recording Tools may be used as described in Section IV below
    8. Information may be used in additional ways as posted on this Privacy Policy in the future.
  2. Sharing of Information

    InboxDollars® does not rent, sell, or share User information, except in the following circumstances:

    1. We are required, or believe it is in our interest, to release User information in response to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes
    2. Part or all of our business is sold to, merged with, or acquired by another company, in which case some or all User information would then belong to said company
    3. We share User information when co-registration boxes (explained below) are checked during the course of registration
    4. We suspect a User of committing fraud, in which case User information may be shared during the course of our investigation
    5. We may sell or share User information to other advertisers or businesses whom we believe you may find useful and in order to enhance the service provided to our Users
    6. We may share User information with third parties as reasonably necessary for us to operate the Service Platform and to provide offers and services to Users
    7. California Residents Only: If you are a California resident, you have the right to receive: (i) information identifying any third party company(ies) to whom we may have disclosed, within the past calendar year, personal information pertaining to you for the company’s direct marketing purposes; and (ii) a description of the categories of personal information disclosed. To obtain such information you must make a request in writing to Customer Service using the contact information provided Section V of this Privacy Policy.